Daily Coaching ($650/month)

Bell Lap's Daily Coaching Package offers top-notch service and accessibility to your coach.  Intensive goal setting and planning, daily file review, and on-the-fly changes to your training plan allow you to get the most out of your training and recovery time.  Custom strength and conditioning plan included.  Ideal for athletes preparing for specific events during which they need daily contact with their coach (email, text, phone or video chat), or those with variable schedules and limited time to train.

Weekly Coaching ($275/month)

The Weekly Coaching Package consists of a weekly training log and power file review, and the flexibility to make changes to your training plan on a weekly basis.  Weekly phone / video chat appointments and full email access help us tailor your training to changes in recovery, weather, family life, and work commitments, ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from your training.  Custom strength and conditioning work included as appropriate.  Bell Lap's most popular package.  

Monthly Coaching ($165/month)

With the same custom training plan and goal-setting process as our Daily and Weekly Coaching Packages, Bell Lap's Monthly Coaching Package includes delivery of 4 weeks of training at a time, with a phone / video chat appointment at the end of each month and email check-ins as needed.  An athlete-scheduled "quick check-in" phone call in the middle of the training block helps keep the athlete and coach up to date with training progress.  At the end of each training block, we review your training log and power files, and make any changes in your training and periodization to ensure that your next 4 week block keeps you on track with your goals.  Basic strength and conditioning training included.  

Strength and Conditioning Work ($75/hr)

In-person strength training sessions and evaluations can provide the basis for a custom strength plan that dovetails with training for cycling, rowing, running, nordic skiing, or general fitness goals.  Whether in an athlete's off season or throughout the year, strength and conditioning work can help many athletes correct imbalances, improve efficiency and snap, and address bone and muscle density concerns.  Consulting typically includes integration with an athletes' current training plan.

Hourly Consulting ($75 - 90 per hour)

For specific training / racing questions, or a detailed review of a season's worth of power data in WKO4.  Let Bell Lap Coaching help you make sense of all those data files, guide you through selecting the most appropriate equipment for your goals, and a host of other topics.