Bell Lap Athlete, Carlo Quicho (Green Line Velo), writes in after some exciting race days in British Columbia.

The last couple weeks of racing have been a huge learning curve for me, but also a chance to really give racing my best and to have some fun. My visit home to Vancouver, British Columbia coincided with a premier road racing omnium, BC Superweek, bringing stacked fields from across the world.

The big players at these races were: the American Rally Cycling and Hincapie Racing teams; Canadian Silber Pro Cycling and H&R Block Pro Cycling teams; and, the German Hermann Radteam. 

The courses were tight and technical, and would have been tough with 50 guys… except most of the races started with no-less-than 130. 

I recently upgraded into the Cat 2’s after a successful Killington Stage Race where I landed 4th in the GC, so stepping up to this level of competition was a big jump for me. For the first couple days I was eating my stem and just fighting to survive—but as the week went on I started to become craftier, notice the flow of things and find the right wheels to follow.

Carlo sitting second wheel as the race heats up.

Each race had such a great spectator presence, it was amazing just to be there. Thousands of curious and passionate Vancouverites lined the course at the Gastown Grandprix— a beautiful criterium course with chicanes, acute corners, and cobblestones -  during which the field was absolute chaos, with battles for position in the shredded peloton single-file for huge chunks of the race. 

I was definitely in a little over my head at these BC Superweek races but I learned so many things being pushed to the absolute limit. I can’t wait to see how I manage these races in a year’s time when I have a little bit more experience under my belt. 

Working with my Bell Lap Coach, Steve, has really helped with keeping me motivated and fresh throughout this long season, starting with collegiate racing in mid March. The improvements both from a physical standpoint and a racing one have always been steady and manageable. Next up, is the Intelligentsia Cup Omnium in and around Chicago, IL—10 days straight of fast racing!