Bell Lap Coaching was founded in 2008 with a singular focus: to provide cyclists of all levels access to quality training and coaching suited to their goals and budgets.  Since 2008, Bell Lap's head coach and owner, Steve Weller, has been proud to offer top-level coaching to athletes, with industry-leading coach-athlete contact and workout programming.

As Bell Lap has grown, so has our staff, augmenting the depth and focus of our expertise. Our coaches now work with runners, triathletes, rowers, obstacle course racers (OCR), and busy athletes looking for structure and guidance to help make the most of their precious time.

Bell Lap Coaching was created in 2008 with the ATHLETE in mind.  Our mission to serve the athletic community has been consistently reinforced, year over year, as our athletes grow and develop.  Our services reflect our desire to help athletes overcome new challenges as they work towards their goals.  Bell Lap's coaches are athletes:  we live and breathe training, racing, and recovering, just like you do.  We pride ourselves on providing some of the best training available, complimented with coaching and advice delivered through methods that are highly effective and nimble, to keep pace with the busy lifestyles of our athletes. / Cannondale, 2011, at the Tokeneke RR.  Coach Steve on far right.